Who is Student Loan Repairman?

We were students too!

SL Repairman knows what its like to have your wages garnished or what it feels like to be paying an unusually high monthly loan payment. Federal student loans in default can open you up to a whole world of problems and financial unmanageability. We know that in the current economy, many of us are just trying to make ends meet or just make it through to the next paycheck. We know the stress of having our employer tell us our wages have been garnished by the lenders or guarantors of our federal student loans. Just like us, you may have been or are unaware of the fine print terms and conditions of federal student loans. We know the stress associated with these problems.

Stop the stress in your life and get the relief you need today. Student Loan Repairman was formed to give you that relief. Our experts will get you the best solution fast and effectively. We will walk you through the process with no hassle and we will work diligently on your behalf, creating the best outcome. We are here for you and we are proud of what we do. We are your one-stop resource for all your federal student loans!


What we can do to help

We help repair your loan situation

Student Loan Repairman provides assistance to students and graduates who have accumulated debt through federal loans, student loans, government student loans and/or direct loans. Unfortunately, while financial aid and student aid programs are designed to help students by securing an educational student loan, a federal loan, a student loan, a direct loan, and/or general student aid, many students graduate with an unmanageable sum of debt and are unable to meet their high loan payments each month.

Student Loan Repairman provides the expertise and experience to help qualify you for a student loan forgiveness program or a student loan consolidation program and to relieve students from the burdens placed on them by federal financial student aid. To learn more about student loan relief, contact Student Loan Repairman now and free yourself from high loan repayments, wage garnishments, and harassing debt collectors. Don’t let student loans from your past, control your future. Contact us now.

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